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"The Creator will use what ever language possible to connect with us and help us on our path..." - Mark Shaughnessy 

The energies of the Universe speak to me most clearly through nature spirits.  The strength and clarity of the connection between myself and Spirit became magnified as I practiced and progressed with Reiki. 

I do many types of spiritual readings, specializing in spirit animal and animal totem messages.  The information received during a reading is simple, positive, full of joy and healing.

I teach Animal Totem Classes, Animals as Spiritual Messengers, and Using Energy in Your Daily Life. 

I am a practicing Reiki Master in Syracuse, NY.  I offer Reiki healings with or without a spiritual reading.

I am available by appointment for in office readings as well as phone readings. 

I also participate in many local Psychic Fairs.  Visit the Calendar for Upcoming Events, Classes, etc.

Contact Mark for further information or for current class offerings.